Panier des Sens Marseille Liquid Soap Range


An unchanged ancestral formula, cooked in cauldron in the purest tradition of the Marseille master soap makers. This rejuvenating Hand & Body Wash gently cleanses your skin and helps to preserve its natural moisture balance. Presented in a refillable glass bottle. Made in France. 500ml - REFILLS SOLD SEPARATELY

Rose - Formulated with rose flower oil. Meanwhile rose, violet and muget and peach notes bring elegance to the fragrance.

Provence - Formulated with citrus essential oils that revive the senses with their fruity and sunny scents. Meanwhile cypress essential oil brings power and warmth to the fragrance.

Lavender - Formulated with lavender essential oils that soothe the senses with their calming aroma.  Meanwhile cedar and tonka notes bring warmth to the fragrance.