Dermalogica - Our Best Cleanse and Glow


Enjoy the ultra-clean feeling of our Dermalogica Double Cleanse technique and our #1 powder exfoliant


PRECLEANSE 150 mL full retail size Go from a bold state to a clean state with this best-selling deep-cleansing, make-up busting oil.

SPECIAL CLEANSING GEL 250 mL full retail size Our #1 cleanser is the perfect way to achieve your cleanest skin ever without stripping your skin’s natural moisture.

DAILY MICROFOLIANT 74 g full retail size Discover the brightening power of our #1 powder exfoliant.


One of the foundations of Dermalogica is our focus on the importance of human touch – to our practice as skin therapists, and to our personal wellness. This year we’ve partnered with Los Angeles artist Marleigh Culver, who artfully interpreted our Face Mapping skin analysis – creating an abstract motif that depicts facial zones and hand-based touch analysis, and captures the importance of human touch. This holiday season, give the gift of touch.